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Honest management, continuous improvement,
diligence and thrift, sustainable management

Tian Hua Jian, master of business administration, Renmin University of China, Anshan, Liaoning Province, established the first company in 2006 and Dalian Shangfeng mineral dressing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in 2018.

Since the establishment of the enterprise, we have been adhering to the concept of "honest management, continuous improvement, diligence, thrifty and sustainable operation". Leading enterprises have insisted on the reform and innovation relying on scientific and technological progress and scientific management, so as to make the enterprise continuously improve and grow. Along the way, Tian Hua Yi is full of passion, dare to dare to do, dry wind and water, landing with

sound, clearly depicting a track of experience and growth.

There has never been an end to struggle, and history is only for the firm, the aggressive and the fighting.

As the leader of mineral dressing industry, Tian Huayi annotates two characteristics of business by his sweat soaked resume: independence and innovation. It depends on the policy of reform and opening up, the idea of opening up and the courage of innovation. Thus, we find new business opportunities and new models, which create wealth by attacking thousands of miles and exploring them in thousands of miles. To change the company's face.

Tian Hua Jian, always has a strong sense of responsibility and mission, boldly develops and innovates, which makes the enterprise develop rapidly in the industry, and has achieved an annual output of 50000 tons of mineral dressing reagents, with a total investment of 128million yuan and an annual output value of 480million yuan.

The one who wants to go up and down wins, and the one who helps in the same boat is happy.

According to the company's development history and current situation, Tian Huayi constantly summarizes and extracts the corporate culture, unifies the values and behavior patterns of all employees. Over the past 15 years, Tian Huayi has accumulated the core concepts of "establishing morality, establishing business, establishing roots", "establishing virtue and establishing trust, and rooting in the future", "100 year enterprise, 100 year brand and 100 years of foundation"; Thinking accumulated "let the doer benefit and support the innovator; Let the sufferer bear the fragrance and bear the responsibility for the person in charge; Let the person who has the work have a position, the contributor tree the stele; To achieve customers and employees to the outside world; Thinking about the accumulation of "high quality sustainable development program - leading development by Party building"; The key to high quality sustainable development - talent as the first resource; The core of high quality sustainable development is to improve profitability continuously; High quality sustainable development power - leading innovation ability of human; The high quality sustainable development criterion - the development concept of employees growing enterprises and social progress, has formed a series of corporate culture with root characteristics, and is moving forward to the goal of "managing enterprises with culture and building enterprises with culture".

Follow the way, and accomplish the work.

When he comes to a great age, Tian Hua is very confident and proud. Facing the precious historical opportunity, he felt responsible. Tian Hua Zhen firmly believes that only when it is difficult, can he show bravery. It is only when they are conscientious that they are precious. In terms of social responsibility, enterprises always emphasize the performance of public responsibility, civil obligations and ethical standards. The company's ethical standards have been praised by customers, industry and commerce, taxation, banks and other aspects.

The vitality of an enterprise depends not only on her solid foundation, but also on whether her goals are clear and whether the strategy is scientific. The goal of our company is to establish a hundred year enterprise, brand and root for a hundred years. To be stable and to make progress and to be successful in stability is our strategy in the new era“ "Stability" is the word to make Shangfeng develop healthily, qualitatively and sustainably. " For 15 years, Tian Huayi has always held to his original heart. Do not forget the first heart can be stable and far, do not forget that the original can open up the future. Starting from the whole package, Tian Huayi led Shangfeng group to the grand goal of "100 year enterprise, 100 year brand and 100 years of foundation".

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