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sodium sulfite

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Package: 25kg / bag. It is l

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Package: 25kg / bag. It is lined with polyethylene plastic bags and packed in double-layer kraft paper plastic woven bags or plastic bags.

Storage and transportation: it should be stored in a cool and dry warehouse. The package must be sealed, not in contact with the air, to prevent moisture deterioration.


1. As deoxidizer and bleaching agent, printing and dyeing industry is used in the scouring of various cotton fabrics, which can prevent facial fiber localization and affect fiber strength, and improve the whiteness of the scouring fabric.

2. The reductant used in organic industry can prevent the oxidation of semi-finished products in the reaction process.

3. The paper industry is used as lignin remover, and the textile industry is used as the stability of man-made fibers.

4. The electronic industry is used to make photoresistors. The photographic industry is used as a developer.

5. Water treatment industry is used for electroplating wastewater and drinking water treatment.

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