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Sodium diethyl dithiophosphate

Category:black catching agent
CAS NO:3338-24-7
Descriplion:Slight yellowliquid.Density (20"℃)1.18,PH 10-13.
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CAS NO:3338-24-7

Strocture formula:CaHlioNa0zPS2.

Descriplion:Slight yellowliquid.Density (20"℃)1.18,PH 10-13.

Specification:Sodium diethy dithiophosphate content 47-53%.

Packing:200KG Plastic bucket or 1000KG T bucket.

Storage & transport:To be protected from watertorrid sunlight and fire.


It is used for coppe,lead and zine flotation, it has good selectivit.

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